Why Businesses Still Use Print Marketing (And Why Others Still Should)

Digital marketing has no plans of stopping in catapulting businesses to great heights. We’ll give them that. However, if anyone’s being curious, yes—Print Marketing still works. If you’re wondering how companies that offer invoice book printing can help you, then read on:

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It gives you less competition

Let’s face it—many businesses have moved on to mobilizing their marketing efforts digitally. Nonetheless, there is a smart and good business opportunity behind this huge shift.

Contrary to the belief that the Print market is dead, two bodies of research found the opposite. According to International Communications Research, a lot of customers (at 73%) still like getting mail. Mail Print also discovered that a decent part of customers (40% of them) risk buying from new businesses that send them direct mail.

If most of your competitors are getting busy online, then you can take advantage of the allegedly dead print-loving consumers’ market.

Print ads last longer

Online users are notoriously known for having a short attention span. Of course, digital marketing and online ads have evolved above that issue—however, don’t forget that print adverts last longer. The former may be more persistent, but the latter holds attention and can be still considered for an extended time.

Social media, in particular, is a very competitive arena—you can get eaten by your competition if you’re not slick enough. For that reason, if you’re a starting company, it’s better to start small or combine two marketing methods. From there, see how things work out and invest in the best possible marketing method thereon.

It offers small businesses a platform to make quite an impression

If you’re a small or start-up company, Print Marketing is one way to make a memorable impression on your markets. You just have to innovate.

If you’re being doubtful, you can take Pitney Bowes’ research as an example; they found that after using both Print and Digital Marketing, brands have received more audience engagement and greater returns on investment. This is remarkable if you compare it to using only one of the two marketing methods.

Being a start-up, you can admit that you have nothing against established firms. However, with Print Marketing, you have a reliable platform that you can most probably use to your advantage (given that your competitors are focused too much on their digital marketing efforts).

Use Print Marketing to make an impression of your brand—what or who you are—and improve your outreach. By doing this, you can earn their trust better.

It’s a unique medium of reaching out to your audience

Want to reach out to your audience during their daily activities? Print Marketing is your gal.

If you think idle times like commuting, walking, and eating outside are not circumstances for Print Marketing—you’re wrong!

Use the classy technique on the classy medium—catch their attention with creative and witty posters on public transport, elevators, footbridge, and many more. Remember, 86% of consumers remember a memorable bus ad they saw. This only implies how idle times are perfect opportunities for marketing.

With just a very minimal effort, you can gain more. You can reach audiences and make your brand well-known around your locality.


Print’s not dead—it’s just overshadowed! Be smart and consider creative marketing solutions.

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