Wall Treatment Ideas to Love and Play With

Of all the wall treatments available, using wallpaper is popular for plenty of reasons and a valid good one—wallpaper removal Melbourne service providers offer. Considering the weather and climate zones in Australia, one such service will enable homeowners like you to change wall treatments at will.

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In Melbourne alone, the weather can change dramatically even when it is supposed to be autumn or spring. With the effect of weather on walls, using wallpaper for longer periods may be difficult for some, thus the need for Melbourne wallpaper removal.

The good news is there are several wall treatments to choose from, some of which may not have the charm and appeal of wallcoverings but have the durability and longevity of other materials.

Different Wall Treatment Ideas


Paint is the most affordable way to upgrade your home, cover ugly walls, and give the interior a new look. Slap on a new paint and you’re done. It may take time to complete, depending on the size of the room that needs to be painted, and you need to take colour psychology into account, but it is a convenient choice.

And, unlike wallcovering where you will need wallpaper removal in Melbourne prior to replacement, you only need to cover the old paint with the new one to complete a new paint job.

What is even better is that you can create a faux wall covering with a bit of paint creativity. Use a chalkboard paint and you can play with your wall treatment all year round.


With a wide range of designs, from simple to bold, covering your walls with wallpaper will be fun. And because there are now self-adhesive wallcovering, you can do away with the hassle of using a separate adhesive and smoothing the wallpaper over afterward.

When it’s time to remove the wall cover or replace it with a new one, simply hire wallpaper removal Melbourne has to offer, and you don’t need to get your hands dirty.

Panelling or Stone Cladding

To achieve the look of bricks or log cabins in your home, you can use actual stone, tiles, or wood cladding on the walls. But you can also use wallpaper that mimics a stone or wood texture. Stamping and melamine wall paneling will also work.

What you choose will depend on the kind of natural texture you want to achieve for your home interior and the amount of money or work you can spend on the project.

Enlarged Photos or Book Pages

Looking for a variation on wallpapering? Using enlarged photos or pages of the book is one option you can look into.

But you might want to use this idea for your accent wall rather than the four walls of a room. The effect of a full coverage can end up too noisy but will be appealing as a covering for a single accent wall.

Like wallcovering, hire wallpaper removal Melbourne service providers when the time comes to change wall treatments.

Wall Tiles

Opt for the waterproof kind and you can add a visual and textural variance to a hallway, living area, kitchen, or bathroom with wall tiles. Want a space suffused with natural light? Tiles as a wall treatment will do the trick as well.

Wallpaper or wall tiles, the choices of wall treatments are plenty. It is up to you to choose wisely.

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