Parabolic Aluminized Reflector: How to Pick the Best Par Can Lights

The best par can lights are some of the keys to successful events such as concerts, theatrical plays, field games, etc. Moreover, these lights have also become a staple for large commercial establishments such as coliseums, movie theatres, sports complex and more.


best par can lights

What is a Par Can Light?

A Par Can light or also known as parabolic aluminized reflector lamp is a kind of electronic lamp used in residential, commercial, and transport facilities for illumination. Moreover, par can lights are often used in airport landing areas, concert theatres, cinema, and other places where ample amount of lighting is necessary.

If you are planning to buy Par Can lights, take some time to consider the tips below first before making your purchase.

Here are a couple of qualities the best par can lights possess.

Easy to Access and Appropriate Features

When purchasing a par can light, you have to pick the one that will work with the console so you will avoid difficulties in programming the lights. Furthermore, it must also have the features you will use, including the ideal brightness to match your rigs.


A good par can light must be easy to set up and dismantle for a more convenient usage. Moreover, the one you should pick must also be easy to set up. If you are to set it all up by yourself, it must have a weight that won’t be overbearing for your handle.


A durable and long-lasting par can light is one of the top qualities you have to look for. If you are going to transport or travel with your lights regularly, sturdiness is extremely vital as some par can lights on the market are quite fragile in transit.

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Now that you got the knack of the qualities to look for in the right par can lights here are some buying factors you should not overlook:

1. Budget – depending on the type of lights you need to buy, par can lights’ price range can differ from one manufacturer to another. In order to get a rough estimation of the budget needed to complete your purchase, you may shop online for prices and evaluate which ones give the biggest bang for your buck.

2. Customer Reviews – the price, included accessories, and features offered by a certain manufacturer should not be your sole basis in neat-picking the best par can lights to buy. Customer feedbacks and testimonials is another massive factor for evaluation. By wading through reviews, you’ll be able to evaluate better if a particular manufacturer offers exceptional or crap products and service.

3. After-Sales Support – par can lights can be quite tricky to set up especially if you don’t have the know-how about it. For that reason, a reliable support service from your chosen manufacturer is highly essential.


There you go—those are some of the things you need to remember when shopping for par can lights. If you are interested in seeing a good selection of top-quality par can lights, visit